Health care services in Bangladesh are not adequate enough to provide treatment facilities of the total population. Moreover, poverty, illiteracy and lack of health awareness causes miserable sufferings and premature deaths to our people. The quacks and village doctors are aggravating the situation.

Medicare is one of the basic needs of human life. Bangladesh is a tropical country where the people used to suffer from various tropical diseases. Illiteracy, lack of health awareness, malnutrition and environmental pollution are the main reasons for spreading the diseases. The rich class of people are going abroad for better treatment whereas the common people are suffering due to lack of proper treatment facility in the country. They have to depend on the local physicians and the medicines available in the country. Many life saving drugs are imported most of which are beyond the reach of the common people.

Bangladesh Public Health and Medical Services Ltd. (BPHMS), an unit of Bangladesh development group is established with the vision to provide health service and medical care to the common people. The company is contemplating to set up satellite health clinics in different developing rural areas in the vicinity of the capital city to provide primary health care, family planning, maternity and child health, immunization and emergency treatment. The company intends to expand its program throughout the country in phases so that proper treatment can be made available within the reach of common people. This will not only relieve the sufferings of the distressed people but also help to build up a healthy nation.

BPHMS also has a vision of producing sophisticated life saving drugs and world class medicines at affordable prices. To serve the ailing humanity and mankind is the prime object of the company. BPHMS will also producing quality medicine to meet up the domestic requirement as well as exploring overseas market in order to contribute significantly towards the national development through foreign exchange earning and creating scope of employment in the country.