• Bangladesh Mixed Fabrics Ltd.
  • Bangladesh Mixed Fabrics Ltd.
  • Bangladesh Mixed Fabrics Ltd.

Clothing is one of the basic needs of human life. Bangladesh being a developing country has been striving hard to meet the demand of cloths for its large population. The production of cloths in the textile sector is not adequate to meet up the total requirement of the country. The rich class mostly use best quality imported clothes, while the middle class people are the consumer of local Textile products.In addition, a lagre quantity of low quality improted fabrics supplement the demand of the middle class.

Bangladesh Mixed Fabrics Ltd. (BMFL), an unit of Bangladesh Development Group is being set up with the vision of producing best quality fabrics for the domestic market as well as for exporting to the international market. Bangladesh Development Group has the international linkage for marketing the Products of export oriented garments, which can be utilized for fabric products as well. This is a specialized composite Textile Mills where best quality cotton/yarn will be used as raw material for producing fabrics.

Successful implementation of the project will contribute significantly towards the national development through foreign exchange earning.


  • 1.  Producing best Quality Fabrics
  • 2.  Export to Whole World
  • 3.  Products of Export Oriented Garments