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  • Bangladesh Modern Fertilizer Ltd.
  • Bangladesh Modern Fertilizer Ltd.

Bangladesh is basically an agricultural country having only a limited land for agricultural purpose, Which is also on the decrease because of increasing trend of industrialization, development of housing complexes for large population and increased salinity effect across the coastal zone. Whereas the demand of food-grains and other agricultural products have increased manifold with the population boom. The government has been emphasizing the agricultural sector for increasing the food grains production to meet up our huge demand.

Our land is loosing its fertility because of continuous harvesting for a long period for which use of make up fertilizer is very much essential for increasing the food grain production. the capacity of fertilizer factories under public sector is not adequate engough to meet up the total requirment. Moreover continuous use of same fertilizer (urea) also affecting the fertility of land.

Bangladesh Mordern Fertilizer Ltd. (BMF) and unit of Bangladesh Development Group is being set up with a vision to produce compost fertilizer in order to make up the deficit as well as to introduce other veriety to revive the fertility of our land. Thus the production of compost fertilizer in Bangladesh Mordern Fertilizer Ltd. will lead us self-sufficiency through green revolution for production of different agricultural products.


  • 1.  Green Revolution for Production
  • 2.  Self-sufficiency for Fertilizer
  • 3.  Good Fertilizer Production