About Us

BDG-ATL develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a range of software products and services for various computing devices and business operations since 2004. The company's Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP) named as DeshiTM is the flagship product which is strengthing the group's market position in national and international level. The DeshiTM software solution suite consists of fifteen independent software modules among them HR & Time Attendance, Piece rate Production, Merchandising, Commercial, Accounting, Real-estate Management, Inventory Management, Payroll are prominent which are able to create positive impacts by increasing efficiency of a range of companies in Garments and Manufacturing sectors in Bangladesh and abroad.

BDG-ATL consulting services also provide enterprise consulting and product support services; and training and certification to developers and information technology professionals, as well as builds standalone and software development lifecycle tools for software architects, developers, testers, and project managers.

Besides software solution, BDG-ATL also believes in designing and developing network and hardware solutions. Without these solutions the software solutions are useless in distributed production environment. BDG-ATL's hardware and network solution is currently connecting all BDG's business and production units which are geographically spreaded. BDG-ATL's hardware and network solution and DeshiTM are complementary to each other.

BDG-ATL aims to develop application software including customer relationship management, enterprise performance management, supply chain management, business intelligence applications, enterprise project portfolio management, and industry-specific applications in future.


  • 1. Customer loyalty

    To provide products, services and solutions of the highest quality and deliver more value to our customers that earns their respect and loyalty.Underlying beliefs supporting this objective:

    • Our continued success is dependent on increasing the loyalty of our customers.
    • Listening attentively to customers to truly understand their needs, then delivering solutions that translate into customer success is essential to earn customer loyalty.
    • Competitive total cost of ownership, quality, inventiveness, and the way we do business drives customer loyalty.

  • 2. Growth

    To view change in the market as an opportunity to grow; to use our profits and our ability to develop and produce innovative products, services and solutions that satisfy emerging customer needs.Underlying beliefs supporting this objective:

    • Growth comes from taking smart risks, based on the state of the industry—that requires both a conviction in studying the trends, but also in inducing change in our industry.
    • Our size (and diversity of businesses) gives us ability to weather economic cycles and turn them to our favor.

  • 3. Employee commitment

    To help employees share in the company's success that they make possible; to provide people with employment opportunities based on performance; to create with them a safe, exciting and inclusive work environment that values their diversity and recognizes individual contributions; and to help them gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from their work.Underlying beliefs supporting this objective:

    • BDG-ATL's performance starts with motivated employees; their loyalty is key.
    • Everyone has something to contribute: It's not about title, level or tenure.
    • Employees are responsible for lifelong learning.

  • 4. Environmental Compliance

    BDG-ATL is committed to complying with the requirements of all applicable environmental legislation and regulations, including the restriction of hazardous materials in our products.


To dominate the national and international market and by extension the national ICT market in the nearest future, more also helping our customers to find solutions to business problems, coming up with breakthrough ideas to what is most important to them thereby helping our customers to realize their full potentials.


To be the leading ICT Company in South-Asian region providing cutting-edge solutions that transforms and make a difference in the way people and organization work.